Living Ponds

Living Ponds

What is a Living Pond? Well, simply put it a swimming pond. Living ponds are designed for people to have a large deep natural pond alive with fish and plants and also dubbed as a swimming hole. It's a perfect solution if you live in a place where you can only swim a few months out of the year. That way you can enjoy a good swim in the warmer seasons but enjoy a large lovely pond when it's colder outside. These have been popular in Europe for years and are starting to gain popularity here in the US as word spreads of this alternative to traditional swimming pools. Perhaps my favorite thing about it is the absence of chlorine chemicals in the water as I swim. Water is filtered through bio logical filters and UVs. So it's clean and clear without red burning eyes and dried out skin and hair from pool chemicals. The plants and fish are kept in a separate section of the pond than the swimming area naturally filtering the water and adding beauty while your swimming space is open and ready for fun. A living pond truly feels like being one with nature and is so much more pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Here are some common questions about Living Ponds.

Are they terrible expensive?

Living ponds cost about the same as a regular pool except your saving on the chemicals and annual maintenance is hundreds less than a traditional pool service.

Are they a lot of work? I mean too have something look that good must be.

Because they have a natural filtration system they do most of their own maintaining. But, we offer maintenance service if you want someone else to take care of it completely.

Will I be swimming with weeds and tad poles?

Living Ponds

Most swimming ponds house the plant life in a separate section from the swimming area. All the root structures of your aquatic plants remove bacteria and contaminates. Animal life such as Dragon flies and frogs will probably find their way to your pond but they like to stay in the plant side which is where they feel at home. Having them as neighbors is a good thing. They are an organic pest control. They eat the pesky bugs you don't want around.

Does water gets stagnant?

Not when there's a crashing waterfall to move the water around. We always install a waterfall in our swimming ponds to not only add to the beauty and give that sound but it also serves a purpose for circulation and aerating the water for plants. And there's nothing more fun than a big jumping rock to leap into the pool from!

Is the water clean?

Absolutely. We put a large filtration system in every living pond and a UV light unit. So between the natural filter of the plants, water running through the filtration media and being sterilized though the UV it's clean and fresh.

Does it have a muddy bottom?

No way. All our ponds have a solid bottom surface. They can be rubber linear with masonry stones, gravel, or a sand bottom if you choose.

Do you have to drain it in winter?

No you can leave it running all year. Just like a regular pond you can enjoy its winter beauty.

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