Water Feature Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

We are keen to clean!

Yes, keeping your pond clean and clear is better for everyone. It makes for healthier fish, thriving water plants, and much better scenery. With all three plans we strive to keep your pond balanced and looking good. Whether you need a little helping hand or just want to enjoy a beautifully maintained pond, we have a service plan that meets your needs.

Annual maintenance service visits 12 12 24
Equipment, Filters, Pump Lighting Inspections  
Service UV light* - yes yes
Inspect pump intake, plumbing, etc. yes yes yes
Inspect pump skimmer, bio-falls, stream yes yes yes
Check auto-fill device yes yes yes
Bi annual lighting inspection - yes yes
Empty skimmer debris nets yes yes yes
Microbe- lift pond treatment additives  
Includes routine pond additives and chemicals - yes yes
Qualifies for "Special Pricing" on Ammonia and Phosphate, PH, Salt yes yes yes
Pond Aesthetics Improvement  
Hide exposed liner by repositioning rocks and gravel - - yes
Clear & Clean Water Management/Analysis  
Check PH and Salinity levels - - yes
Plant Life and Koi Fish Analysis/Care  
Prune water plants - - yes
Fertilize tropical water plants - - yes
Hands-on Inspection & Adjusment  
Adjust stream rocks and gravel - yes yes
Still More Maintenance Service  
Reduced charge on service calls yes yes yes
Multi feature discounts available yes yes yes
Fall netting installation reduced cost reduced cost reduced cost
Preferred dates for spring cleanout yes yes yes
Reduced charge on additional services $65/hr $65/hr $65/hr

*Cost is for up to 1500 gallon water features, larger features will be quoted individually
*Allowable time per visit is up to 30 minutes for the Bronze plan and up to 45 minutes for the silver and gold plans
* Materials and equipment not included

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in NC:
  • Hendersonville, NC
  • Canton, NC
  • Flat Rock, NC
  • Waynesville, NC
  • Black Mountain, NC